Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Everything and More

In quiet range
I'm staring at this empty notebook page

Today oh today!
Guess what !
I watched movie alone again! haha!
This time, it's " We Bought A Zoo " !

I wanted to watch this long time ago actually!
Thank god I got to watch it today!
And my gosh it's so so so so damn nice!
So heart-touching!
Really got me teared ! emm, NEARLY! haha

But seriously, If I'm gonna rate this
I'm so gonna rate this 9/10! NO DOUBT!

It's mainly about this guy, Benjamin Mee ( Matt Damon )
Who lost his wife, bring his son and daughter to a new life
And he actually bought a Zoo!
And he wanted to bring back the zoo again!
So he worked very hard with the existing teams from the zoo!

Also, the movie also shows,
How much he loves his wife especially, his family, his team and of course, the animals!
And the determination of his.

Gosh just go and watch it !!!
You definitely won't regret to watch it for sure!

Benjamin and the team! They ROCKS!

And not to mention, 
My fav Scarlett Johansson in the movie! :P
She acted Kelly Foster, the head of the zookeeper
Whom in the end had a crush on Benjamin and kissed him! :)

 OH yea, and Ella Fanning! :))

There are some quotes from the movie which I found very interesting!

Kelly Foster:  The key to talking is listening.

Kelly Foster: Talking to girls is easy. All you have to do is listen.

Duncan Mee: If you're doing something for the right reasons, nothing can stop you.

  1. Benjamin Mee: Why would a beautiful woman like you talk to a stranger like me?
  2. Katherine Mee: Why not?

I love this the most ! 

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.
- Benjamin Mee


Great movie indeed!
I'm glad that I've watched 2 great movies in 2 days!
Although I watched them alone!
But who cares!

Started to get used to doing things alone now
Even before and after movie
I went do all the stuff
All alone
And I have no problem being so
In fact, I enjoyed so much!

Oh yea!
Finally I got myself a nice and suitable 2012 book planner!
Purposely went to the Popular at Amcop Mall and found it!
After I went to so many bookshops!
Well, sometimes the old places can get you more good stuff huh! :)

Till then! ;)

I'm Over You

Some people live their dreams
Some people close their eyes
Some people's destiny
Passes by

Well well
These few nights really
Didn't slept well

Don't know why
I dreamt a lot!
Seriously, a lot!
Those dreams really very weird and fascinating
But I don't really like dreams cause
They made me feel even more tired once I woke up!

Looks like
There will be no trips this holiday
The initial plan failed to the max
As expected really

Yes, I do feel kinda disappointed though
I don't wanna write it here WHY do I feel disappointed
The disappointment is not that the plan failed
It's about other factors

So now,
I really need to concentrate on other important stuff
Start from today.

So yeah, again,
All the best yo!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Golden Haze, Another Morning Feels Like Yesterday

Time, look where we are 
and what we've been through

Goodbye 2011

Wanna wish you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR !
How's your first 3 days of the new year?
Hope everything goes well alright !

Well talk about how I spent my new year's eve.
I worked, coz it's on saturday
After that, I went to Beer Factory at Giza with a bunch of people!
The crowd there was great really,
DJ was fantastic and yea I enjoyed!
Thought I got a bit drunk that night!

 This is the only picture of me for that night .

So yeah that's how I spent my last day of 2011 and the first few hours of 2012 !

Incredible isn't it, how time flies.
I still remember every moment I spent the previous new year's eve with somebody.
Sometimes just couldn't believe it.
But well, somehow I have to believe it right? Need to move on as I'm doing now.
No point thinking about the past now.

Watched this movie

Guess what
I watched this movie ALONE at mid valley today
Suddenly had the feeling of watching movie alone
Well no friends to watch with right so yeah
Anyway this movie,
Thumbs up for Adam Sandler really!
Worth to watch!
No doubt about it!

 The one and only Aunt JILL !
Gosh "she" is just funny !

The twins! Jill and Jack! Haha!

I don't mind watching it again really!
Anyway it's been a long while since I watched movie alone last time
If I'm not mistaken, 
The last time I watched movie alone was about 2 years ago?
It was Terminator Salvation I think!
Well it's not a bad thing to watch movie alone isn't it ! 
So be it ! ;)

Oh Yes!
Today is my brother's birthday!
He's 21 now!

His birthday cake!

Can't managed to find you your present sorry! hahah!
Will get a good one for you soon alright! X)

So yeah,
New year ,
New start !

I had an incredible 2011 really.
A year with full of ups and downs, really.
Sometimes even think of making 2011 the year to forget
Cause can't really take it of what had happened in that year
But somehow, I've really learnt alot
So I should be thankful instead? Maybe.

It's over now, 2011
Now I just need to focus on the new year
What lies ahead of me
What I need to do and all

Just, hope the best for everything!
Same goes to anyone okay!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just A Feeling

Where is the Sunshine?
Tired of hiding in the dark 

It's been a long while! 

Okay, what I've been doing these days?

Had a weird christmas eve celebration I should say!
But in the end, 
It was quite a good night.

Well I did had a few rounds of beer, 
yes, just BEER
I must say, 
ALCOHOL is not really my thing anymore
Even beer also I can't really drink much!
Not to say liquor!

The blood-vomit experience last time really had lots of effects really!
I am no more an alcoholic! haha.

New year,  2012
It's just around the corner
Gotta spend these last few days of 2011
Recall everything that had happened.
No doubt, 
There will be so many things to be recalled.
2011, really, too much happened.

Till then!

* Anyone pleaseeee invite me out for New Year's Eve celebration ! *

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Heart

What do you got 
If you ain't got LOVE ?

I always wonder,
I always ask myself
What have I done wrong?

Why all the people I care
Left me, just like that ?
Her, friends, good friends, now even best friends
I really don't like it

Is it really my problem?
Is it really the way I care?
What is it actually?
Anyone can tell me?
Or just give me a slight clue?


I don't deserve anyone
The only person I deserve,
Is Me, Myself

The word
Should be erased from my dictionary
They are not really useful
At least for now

I'm tired
Need some rest

Till then

Dear heart, 
I'm so sorry
For all the pain and suffer

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What happened to us?

I questioned whether time or fate
Would ever show me a sign?

I had my first exam paper today
It was a 60 objective questions paper
And it was a 2 hours paper
Well, I used around 50 mins to finish it?
Once I've done I just hand in my answer sheet and left the room
There was another factor which made me wanna leave the room early
Which, yea, somehow I just wanna finish it early and leave the hall early! :D

Talked to my friend today
Recently she went through a lot I should say
Especially relating to friendships
She said
She prefer to be with her secondary school friends
Well, I am totally 100% agree with her really
I think most of us
We spent our teenage times with a bunch of friends
The link, is there
Whatever feelings, whatever things
You can just say it out without any worries
Unlike now, university
People comes from different background
Somehow it's just hard to get clicked
You have to think how to interact with them
Sometimes, you might worried that you might offend them

Now, my secondary school friends,
Or even my primary school friends,
Although it's very hard for us to meet up
Whenever we have the chance to meet
We still can have our great time
The feeling, really indescribable
Really, it's hard to find this feeling with your university friends

Imagine, when you're working!

I hardly get in touch with my colleagues
No matter what job I had or having

People might find you when they need "benefits" from you
How pathetic, isn't it ?

Appreciate your friendship
Although people always say
FRIEND ends with an END
but FRIENDSHIP? it doesn't ends with an END.
Cheers! :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

I don't hear a word

My hands are cold, my heart is numb
I'm still in shock, what have you done?

It's a sunny day isn't it?
At least there is no rain today ! :)

The terrible feeling strikes again this morning.
The feeling of wanna vomit
The feeling of no appetite 
The feeling of not to do anything 

I decided to take a short nap 
After that I had my lunch
Though I didn't really finish the lunch 
At least I ate something

I tried myself not to let those negative feelings control
To be honest, 
I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me
I am not sick, definitely not
My friend said, 
" Maybe it's caused of love sick? "
Hah, maybe? who knows?
Maybe I do still feeling "hangover" after what had happened
Screw that

Well, I tried to relaxed myself
I decided to play my all time favorite PC football games
Guess what, it turns out well
I wanna control my feeling instead of letting it controls me

Guess whatttttttttttt
I worked out 
Yes i did, after so long!
My dumbbells really full of dusts already!
Did some overhead press, upright row and all
Damn, it was damn suffering !
I just worked out for half an hour and I had to stop!
Seriously, I fitness level really poor to the max!
Need to get my fitness back ! 
Today half and hour, 
I must try for an hour work out tomorrow!

Need to get back my SUNDAY swimming sessions already!
I'll start this sunday FOR SURE!
Anyone wanna join me? please do not hesitate to tell me ! 

Dinner later, 
Thank god, I think I have the appetite to eat now

Need to get myself back on track !

Will get through this, for sure.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maybe, just maybe

WE have done a lot of growing up
WE were never meant to be together

Such a gloomy day today isn't it?
I didn't even see the sun today ! 
Whole day, was just raining, and raining

Spent 2 hours of my morning just to wash my car!
Damn, seriously! 
I wasn't that dirty but somehow I just used that much time for it 
Now it's clean, of course. And the hours spent were just worth it !

Next, it was just slow and dull
I didn't have the appetite to eat my lunch
Thanks to somebody, my lunch was not wasted. :)

I suddenly have the urge to go to Starbucks
Got myself a JAVACHIP
Sat down, relax myself, and unwind
And yea, read my notes.

 my favourite Javachip and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! :)

I didn't stayed there for long time though, 
Almost 2 hours I think, 
I left, and went to my uni, to settle some small stuff.
Somehow, the terrible feeling I have just couldn't get away,
I decided to came back home.

Took a short nap, 
Seriously, I felt much better after the nap.
Mom prepared a really simple porridge
Which it's exactly what I want
I still didn't have the appetite to eat
But at least, porridge was not that heavy

I seriously don't know what's wrong with me this whole day
Because of the weather ? Or some other factor ?
I don't know.
What I wanna do now is, get myself a really nice shower
And study later
Exams is just 2 days away, 
Can't afford to waste more time.

 Xiao He :)

Pray hard for myself !
Hope I can get better real soon.

Let It Go

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I'm seeing myself so differently

Tell me, what is LOVE?

This is a question, that I really can't answer for now. 

I passed by to a place where, I used to go in there everytime when I'm free, everytime when I wanna see her.
I saw a car when I was passing through, the number plate was so familiar, yes, it was the car she drove.
I knew she was there, of course she was there.

I found a place just outside the university campus, I stopped there, talking on the phone.
What I really didn't expect was, I saw her. She was walking with her housemates from the photocopy shop.
I admit, I did influenced and got affected to see her.
But all I can do was just, pretend that I didn't see her, how pathetic.

Well, after all had happened, 
I really, decided to let go. 
There is no point for me to hold on, to be stucked .
To be honest, it doesn't feel good at all, in fact, I suffered damn a lot.

And now, I am very happy that , 
I'm adopting the changes very well.
In fact, I'm really happy of where I am now.
I really, do.

Chances given, hopes risen, and broken.
I just need to move on, 
Lead my own life, 
To be where I wanna be, 
To do what I wanna do.

Good memories will be kept, 
But most of it, will be forgotten.

From this relationship, one of the good thing is
I've learnt
I've learnt a lot, really.
And I need to make a promise to myself that
I would never, ever make the same mistakes again.

Here I am, 
Going to a new chapter in my life.

I'm happy that, 
I can have a good sleep every night now, 
I admit everyday, I'm still affected by thinking of her 
But, I know, 
I getting out of it now, 
Will heal, will prove everything right !
All I need, is just some patience, and faith for myself ! 

Luckily, it happens at the right time
While focusing on the coming exams
1 month semester break, 
Will be the best time for me to let everything go, 
Get myself free from all these.

I wanna live for myself ! 
Not for others, at least for now. 

I wanna focus on what I need to focus now!
And gosh ! 
I really have a lot of things to be done!
And I'm glad, all these things happened, 
Cause I've found my direction!

Again, All the best to me ! 

All Iz WELL :)

Thank you,  and goodbye.